What do sandwiches and Heros have in common?

Answer Ok, I've been thinking about this for a while, and I decided on these traits:The Bread - Tough (like the Hero).Tomato - Has a thick skin, but is soft on the inside (which means that the hero has a ... Read More »

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Anyone up for rating Sandwiches From a rating of 0-10 how would you rate the Sandwiches from this list?

1.32.9 can't go wrong with the classic pbj3. 45.106. 17. 78. not sure if I've had pastrami? if I have I don't remember. lol9. 210.9

Are there any heros in any tv shows?

a hero is just the protagonist of a story. just pick a drama series and do it about the main character. such shows include: Nick in the show "Grimm", Sheriff Lamb in the show "Vegas", Martin Bohm... Read More »

When will heros season 3 come out on DVD?

Found out myself - Special Unit 2 is the answer

What are all the alien heros on Ben 10?

Stinkfly, Diamondhead, Grey Matter, Heatblast, XLR8, Ghostfreak, Ripjaws, Upgrade, Fourarms, Wildmutt, Wildvine, Cannonbolt, Upchuck, Eye Guy, Way Big, Benmummy, Benwolf, and Benfactor.