What do rubber bands consist of?

Answer Although Stephen Perry is credited with inventing the rubber band in 1845, rubber bands really have a much longer history, dating back to the ancient Mayans of South America. The formulation of ing... Read More »

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What do rubber bands do for braces?

They might be small, but rubber bands for braces have a large part to play in straightening teeth through orthodontics. Failure to use them properly will delay the day you can finally have your br... Read More »

What do the rubber bands in braces do?

the rubber bands will bring the top teeth back, and they work really well. I had them myself and I can say that the pain of the rubber bands were worth it in the end. Best of luck :D

What is the fear of rubber bands called?

The fear of rubber bands is called lastihophobia. It includes fear of anything rubber and latex. It can be caused by such things as balloons or rubber bands snapping or popping in the face, causing... Read More »

What is the chemical composition of rubber bands?

Rubber bands are made of entangled polymer chains that are crosslinked for improved elastic properties. Specifically, a copolymer of polybutadiene and polystyrene commonly finds use in rubber bands... Read More »