What do rings on different fingers mean?

Answer A placement of a ring on a particular finger symbolizes deeper significance. These meanings stem from religious, mystical, mythological and psychological sources. A ring is representative of eterni... Read More »

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What's the meaning of rings on men's fingers?

Men wear rings on their fingers for many reasons. The most common is a wedding ring, but men also wear rings to commemorate sports victories, high school or college attendance, or purely for fashio... Read More »

What are the meanings to the wearing of rings on different fingers?

All fingers are up for grabs except your left ring finger. that is marriage. the rest doesn't matter.

Why do my fingers turn black under my rings?

Skin discoloration under jewelry is a common problem, but its causes are not well understood. Possible explanations for the discoloration include metal oxidation, allergic reactions, interactions b... Read More »

How to Stop Rings From Discoloring Your Fingers?

Cheap jewelry can look really cute -- it might not be real gems or pure metal, but if no one can tell, you might as well go easy on your wallet and opt for it over something that will blow your bud... Read More »