What do red wiggler worms eat?

Answer Red Wiggler earthworms are earthworm that eat the earlier stage compost droppings, which then become, fertilizer for gardens.Worm compostingRed wigglers, and not your average earthworm, eat garbage... Read More »

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Can I add red wiggler worms to a compost bin?

You can add red wiggler worms to compost bins to aid in decomposition. This process of composting with worms is called vermiculture. Red wiggler worms prefer moist soil between 55 to 77 degrees Fah... Read More »

Where do red wiggler worms live?

Red wiggler worms, also known as red worms, or Eisenia foetida, live in the top 12 inches of the soil's surface because of the high organic matter content present in this layer. These worms are non... Read More »

How to Grow Wiggler Worms?

Red wiggler worms are short worms that people commonly use as bait in fishing, to accelerate composting or to produce worm castings, which are rich in nutrients and can fertilize gardens and lawns.... Read More »

Information on DIY Red Wiggler Worms and Composting?

Red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida), dwell in shallow leaf litter in the wild. The fact that they are not deep burrowing worms like night crawlers makes them suitable for do-it-yourself composting u... Read More »