What do real labor pains feel like?

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How can you tell labor pains from cramping got to go to the bathroom pains?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad are labor pains?

believe it or not ... i didnt have any!I had a c-section and never even had contraction pains!but from what i've heard labor pains go way beyond a ten! lol

What does back labor feel like if you are having a lot of low dull back pain with vaginal or pelvic pressure been very moody and want to know if you are in labor?

If you are in labor and receiving dull back pain the pain will progressively get worse to the point where it will feel like you are being stabbed from the behind. good luck Dull back pain is very c... Read More »

If you had such strong braxton hicks contractions last night that you thought it was the real thing does that mean real labor is close?

Answer No, braxton hicks just help your uterus prepare but it does not mean you are close to delivery trust me I have been there too sweetie.