What do purple roses symbolize?

Answer When choosing a rose for a gift, it may add more sentiment if you choose a color that is symbolically appropriate. Since purple roses have a variety of meanings, they make an appropriate gift choic... Read More »

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What does a purple iris symbolize?

Since ancient Greek times, the iris flower has symbolized faith, hope, wisdom, courage and admiration. The color purple is associated with royalty and ceremony. It was the emblem taken by King Lo... Read More »

What does a purple butterfly symbolize?

A purple butterfly symbolises the fight Between Lupus a type of cancer

What do purple roses mean?

Because of their deep, rich color, purple roses convey various meanings. The primary meaning of purple roses is to convey enchantment, specifically love at first sight, though not necessarily perm... Read More »

Are there purple roses?

Through selective breeding, many rose colors have been developed, including purple. Purple roses come in many hues--from lavender to deep purple. Some companies sell these roses using the word "blu... Read More »