What do purple martins use for nesting material?

Answer Purple martins are large swallows native to North America. They nest in man-made housing or abandoned woodpecker cavities. The nesting material should create a hospitable environment.SignificanceTh... Read More »

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When do purple martins nest?

Fully mature purple martins (Progne subis) begin to look for places to make their nests in the early spring, when the weather turns warmer. This can be as early as February, according to avian vete... Read More »

Do purple martins eat insects?

The purple martin, the largest of the American swallows, is what biologists term an "aerial insectivore," according to the Purple Martin Conservation Association website. The bird's diet consists o... Read More »

Where do purple martins go in the winter?

The purple martin is a species of swallow that spends its summer in much of the United States but overwinters in South America after a long migration. The purple martin will inhabit farmlands, clea... Read More »

When do purple martins migrate?

Purple martins begin their northern migration anytime between late December and early April. Their southern migration generally starts during the months of July, August, and September and varies de... Read More »