What do purple bandana mean?

Answer m.o.e bitch

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What do purple roses mean?

Because of their deep, rich color, purple roses convey various meanings. The primary meaning of purple roses is to convey enchantment, specifically love at first sight, though not necessarily perm... Read More »

What do purple fingernails mean?

Usually it is a sign of poor circulation. If it is you with this condition you need to see a doctor. If it is a very old person this could be normal, and their doctor probably has already observed ... Read More »

What does a purple gel bracelet mean?

A purple gel bracelet means the person wearing the bracelet is willing to kiss someone of either sex. In a game called snap, the gel bracelet is snapped off the wearer’s wrist and the wearer is e... Read More »

What does purple mean on mood rings?

Mood rings change hues depending on your emotion. Purple indicates that you are feeling romantic towards another or perhaps you are seeing everything through the eyes of someone who enjoys romance ... Read More »