Should I, or should i not pull a sicky from work tomorrow?

Answer You should not.If you need a day off then book a holiday.

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I have a laptop that does not work and I need to pull the info off it. How?

Pull out the hard drive. You can buy an adapter that will adapt it from the laptop connection, to desktop connection. Then install it in a desktop and pull off whatever you need...Here is the link ... Read More »

How to Do the Exercise Tubing Pull to Work Your Abs?

This medium-impact exercise strengthens your lower abdominals.

Does pull out and pray type sex work?

Sex exists so that reproduction is possible. Pulling out and praying works, if you want to reproduce. It doesn't work as often as not pulling out and praying.Sex exists so that reproduction is poss... Read More »

How can you work your biceps and back without weights and without doing pull ups?

Prisoners DO have access to gym equipment...BUTYou can work out muscles without equipment at all.Dynamic tension is a method used to build strength without the use of weights. It pits Muscle agains... Read More »