Wikipedia, to believe or not to believe that is the question?

Answer well anyone can go into wikipedia and add stuff about anything. so I don't think its a credible source for research any more. Most of my professors won't even accept it as source so I'd be careful ... Read More »

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How to Stand up for What You Believe In?

We've all been there. We have a passion for a cause or belief, but how do we stand behind it effectively? Live with the truth.

What do Catholics believe about God?

Catholics believe in a single God who, however, includes three distinct persons: a difficult concept for nonChristians to grasp. Catholics further believe in God as the Creator of all that is. Cath... Read More »

How to Ask Yourself What You Truly Believe?

Where did your beliefs come from? Did you adopt beliefs or form your beliefs out of personal opinion? Here are some steps to get you thinking about what you believe so that you're choosing your own... Read More »

Mirror vs Camera what to believe?

You have a good quality mirror located under good lighting conditions while you have poor photography skills and probably a not so good camera. Believe on what you want. What matters most is what's... Read More »