What do protein shakes do?

Answer hes talking about muscle nerd

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Can you survive off of protein shakes?

No. Protein powder is garbage, toxic garbage filled with nasty chemicals.Drink/eat egg whites. They're mother natures protein shakes. Does the job and 10x better.Shakes don't have a full amino acid... Read More »

Can i drink 2 protein shakes a day if?

Of course it would be ok. But I guess it depends on what your goal is.If you are trying to gain weight (muscle) than yes it would be OK to drink 2 protein shakes (one before the workout & one after... Read More »

Are protein shakes good?

Hi Christina,You can't go wrong with Chocolate, for any brand you choose. Calcium is a good mineral to use for your bones but I wouldn't worry about that if anything you could take glucosamine for ... Read More »

Am I too young for protein shakes?

My concern is why you are applying much emphasis on "taking your game to the next level". You're 13, not a professional athlete. You need to enjoy your youth instead on focusing with accelerating a... Read More »