What do pre-employment drug tests look for?

Answer According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, as many as 7 percent of adults employed full time, and 9 percent employed part time in the United States use illegal drug... Read More »

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What level of THC do employment tests check for?

I gave up smoking Marijuana years ago. I then no longer had to worry about drug tests, and my life was so much better w/o drugs. Jus sayin

How much are home drug tests?

Home drug tests help people learn if there are drugs in their system without visiting a physician or laboratory clinician. Home tests are up to 99.9 percent accurate. Tests vary in price, depending... Read More »

Employment Drug Testing Information?

Drug testing is a common phenomenon that employers use to determine if employees or applicants are engaging in the use of illicit drugs. The drugs tested for, methods of testing used, and reasons f... Read More »

Regulations Regarding Pre-Employment Drug Testing?

Rules regarding pre-employment drug testing are that of fairness and privacy. Some people have won judgments against employers who wish to drug test when it has no bearing on the person's ability t... Read More »