What do plants need that animals and humans don't?

Answer Plants need Carbon Dioxide to make oxygen.

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Are coleus plants poisonous to humans and animals?

Yes, it can cause Allergic dermatitis with red rash.

How Do Zebra Mussels Affect Plants, Animals & Humans?

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Why is it ok for animals to kill and eat other animals, but not humans?

I grew up eating the standard American diet... with a tropical twist that included mostly fresh fruits and sea foods. Meat and poultry were supplementary.I later became a vegetarian because I read ... Read More »

Why dont humans have tails?

The debate still continues as to whether we do or do not, or, did or did not. Evolutionists believe we did and still do in the shape of a 'vestigial organ'; i.e. the coccyx (tail bone). A 'vestigia... Read More »