What do pharmacy technicians do?

Answer Pharmacy technicians play a major role in the health care field. With formal educational and hands-on training, pharmacy technicians handle numerous aspects of medicine and customer care.Qualitific... Read More »

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What Is the Starting Pay for Pharmacy Technicians?

Pharmacy technician positions require a high school education. They may also require a certificate, depending on the state and the employer.Pharmacy technicians assist the pharmacist by performing... Read More »

What is the pay rate for certified pharmacy technicians?

According to, as of February 2010, the salaries of certified pharmacy technicians depend on experience. Those with 1 to 4 years made $22,037 to $33,809 annually. Those with 5 to 9 year... Read More »

What is the Salary Range for Pharmacy Technicians?

The annual average salary range for pharmacy technicians is $19,270 to $39,480, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median salary reported was $27,710, and the majority of techn... Read More »

What is the Code of Ethics of pharmacy technicians?

The pharmacy technicians’ Code of Ethics provides a 10-principle moral framework for technicians’ activities. Principles include refusal to use substandard medications, plus respect and confide... Read More »