What do petition to modify mean for child supposed court.?

Answer Answer petition to modify means you are asking the court to change a previous order, this way you can increase or lower child support, increase or lower visitation and contact, change the hours of... Read More »

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Can you go back to court to modify child support agreement?

In California, I was allowed a modification every 3 years. It is just a matter of contacting the District Attorney's office or who ever has your case and requesting it. This goes for both parties.

What if the courts petition to take away your parental rights can your spouse file a petition to adopt that child?

No. Anyone adopted over the age of 16 does not automatically get US citizenship. Sorry.

What is a court petition?

A court petition is a formal request sent to the court asking for a specific action to be taken. Examples of issues for which you can file a court petition include a name change, divorce, custody o... Read More »

If there is not a court order for sole custody of a child and the mother is behind in child support can the father take the child out of the US without permission from the mother or the court?

Answer Obtaining a passport for a minor in the US requires both parents. You'd would have to get a court order giving you custody. More Conributor Opinions Being granted sole legal custody does n... Read More »