What do permaculture grow?

Answer 10 gallons for 5 fills 6 gallons for 3 fills etc.

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Permaculture: Can we 'buy' ourselves green?

What a great Q. Certainly with daily reports of environmental changes (Which are FACT) the global consciousness is already, inherently, "BUY" crazy, and hyping GREEN, while the context is valid; ... Read More »

Permaculture Fan Have you answered this question?

please go into this link and add a comment if you agree it is benificial to the green comunity if we had theis subject as a sub category under Environmentâ€... Read More »

How to Create a Permaculture Garden?

A permaculture garden is one that is designed to mimic the natural growth and interaction between species so that no fertilizers or pesticides need to be used. Typically relying on native plants an... Read More »

Where is the largest permaculture garden?

Is it not Crystal Waters Village north of Brisbane, Australia? It takes up 640 acres.