What do people want in a website?

Answer i make websites too...what people want in a website is clean easy to read texteasy navigation, the less pages to sort through to get to the info the betterno clashing colors, pick a complimenting c... Read More »

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Is there another website where many people uploads an image to show it up from its website, & that they type?

How Can I Get People to Know About My Website?

Making your website stand out amongst the vast number of sites on the Internet can be an exciting challenge. Your approach to marketing your site will depend on your business or the message of your... Read More »

How to Promote My Website to People?

Once you invest time, effort and resources into building a website, the next step is to make sure people actually have a chance to see it. You can't expect people to find your site on their own; yo... Read More »

How do people upload photos on a website?

There are many ways to upload photos to a website. The uploading process is known as FTP, or File Transfer Protocol. Different FTP methods make uploading photos quick and convenient with little to ... Read More »