What do people use scanners for when using copy machines?

Answer scan things onto the computer. Like if you want a few copies of something, but also want it on the computer, you use a copy machine and a scanner

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Do the copy machines in stores (like Wal-Mart or Walgreens) store all of your photos that you copy?

The kiosks save photo orders for 48hrs and then they're deleted. The printing machine deletes them after 48hrs as well. They do this just in case there's an issue and they need to resend or reprint... Read More »

Scanners-is it just a photographic copy or is ink some how being used?

Scanners read in the information from the picture and then software converts it to a file on your computer.No ink is used in this process. The strain on your ink is either from printing, or with In... Read More »

Types of Copy Machines?

Copiers scan an image or text of an original document and reproduce it on one or more sheets of paper. However, not all copiers use the same process to make reproductions. Some copiers make only b... Read More »

Do copy machines save information?

The answer is yes--every digital copier has a hard drive that retains all images it prints. Click on the link below for more information. However, practically speaking, will anybody ever see that... Read More »