What do people use a zoisite crystal for?

Answer Zoisite is a popular, but rare, ornamental gemstone that comes in shades of gray, apple green, brown, blue and rose. Crystal healers believe zoisite encourages energy, vitality, creativity, and tr... Read More »

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Where is zoisite found?

Zoisite, also referred to as epidote, is a family of gemstones including tanzanite, anyolite and thulite. Notable sources of these metamorphic rocks include Little Chief Mine in Alaska, northeaster... Read More »

Why do people use hard drugs like Heroin or Crystal Meth?

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How to Make Crystal Rings by Crystal Findings?

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Is Czech crystal the same as Swarovski crystal?

Swarovski crystals are typically a much higher quality than Czech crystals. Czech crystals are machine pressed or cut and have fewer facets, while Swarovski crystals are made of crystal-cut rhinest... Read More »