What do people think of arranged marriages?

Answer very much against arranged marriages

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Do you think adoption is like arranged marriages?

adoption really is forcing an intimate relationship with someone you don't know. yes, I do believe that adoption is like arranged marriages. Its throwing people together and forcing them into a f... Read More »

Cultures That Still Practice Arranged Marriages?

Since ancient times, arranged marriages have existed in many different cultures. In this type of marriage, community leaders, matchmakers or parents choose marital partners for young people based u... Read More »

What is a pre-arranged bankruptcy?

A pre-arranged bankruptcy is considered a pre-packaged bankruptcy where--before a debtor files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy--the company has to negotiate, document and disclose to all of its creditor... Read More »

What is Arranged Dating?

Arranged dating is a byproduct of arranged marriages, but they have their differences. Instead of not meeting a spouse before marriage, arranged dating allows people with conservative values acces... Read More »