What do people say on there texts?

Answer Lol means Laugh out Loud ,BRB mean Be right back ,LMAO is Laughing my A-- off ,Pd means Prom date,and ttyl Means talk to you later.

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Why do people always say meow on facebook or in texts?

Cute forward texts to send to people?

am i1 - beautiful2 - cute3 - okay do you1- like me2 - love me3 - dislike meto you i am a 1 - crush2 - friend3 - aquaintance

Can cell phone texts be intercepted and forwarded to other people?

It is not possible to do this on the radio side. This information is encrypted. It can be done at the request of the police, but they need a court order to do this. The only slight possibility is t... Read More »

Can your texts be emailed to you?

Yes, if you want to know how using email, see related links.