What do people in India use for sunscreen?

Answer We have a number of sunscreens available in India. Some of the brands are Lotus, Lakme, Jovees, Biotique, Garnier and so on. I have used a sunscreen gel by Lotus. I'm currently using Lotus Herbals ... Read More »

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What is different between regular sunscreen and sport sunscreen?

Some of the ingredients for sure, so you're reacting allergic to it. It might be that there is some stuff inside to prevent sweating so much when making sports and this causes your reaction.Why not... Read More »

What foods do the people of india eat?

indian people eat food depending on their religion. lamb fish pork vegetables usually curried and served with some kind of bread ie chapatis nan paratha. i am working with some indian boys and i wl... Read More »

What kind of clothes do people wear in india?

Indian men, particularly those living in urban areas, generally wear western style clothing except for special occasions. But women's attire trends more to the traditional styles, even if accompani... Read More »

What takeaways do people from China and India order?

Interseting ! I'm an Indian...So here goes. Not come across any English Restaurant in India, and I've travelled through the country. Roast dinners, shepherd's pie...well most Indians won't know wha... Read More »