What do people get out of sending viruses what is their ultimate purpose?

Answer They don't get what they deserve I would like to do them a service.A BURIAL SERVICEgo play with your own toys not mine you spoiled brats

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Can I get Viruses from people sending me music files through Limewire?

Chances are you won't. Since the files have already been downloaded (and presumably played) by your friends, they will have confirmed that the files are in fact, mp3 files and not executables with... Read More »

What is the purpose of computer viruses?

To make you buy anti-virus/new pc.They were made by computer companies to make you buy more products.

What was the ultimate purpose of George Washingtons state of the union address?

My Facebook is sending requests to people idk?

Thats could be a remind of the requests u hid that were not confirmed .otherwise i dont know