What do people eat on easter?

Answer Sadly little innocent lambs.

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How do Diabetic people handle Easter?

Easter is a time of worshiping God and praising for Jesus and his return. You could try not eating a lot of candy but on Easter you can be especially thankful for the candy you do get. Easter is no... Read More »

How to Make an Easter Dinner for 15 People?

Easter is as busy a holiday as any. Preparations may include worship and ceremony, as well as arranging a visit from the Easter bunny. And of course, Easter includes a celebratory feast for many fa... Read More »

How do people celebrate Easter around the world?

Considered the second oldest observance in Christianity besides the Sabbath, Easter is celebrated around the world, according to The holiday celebrates Jesus' resurrection from ... Read More »

When did people start giving chocolate eggs at Easter?

The Easter information website Easter Day reports eggs have been given as an Easter gift dating back to pre-Christian times by pagans during their spring festival. Chocolate Easter eggs began to be... Read More »