What do peonies symbolize?

Answer The peony is a perennial flower that traditionally blooms in shades of pink, white and red in late spring and early summer. Peonies have a number of symbolic meanings in different cultures.Signific... Read More »

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How do I dig peonies?

Trim Back the FoliageUse a sharp knife or garden shears to trim the stems and leaves of the peony plant down to ground level. This should be done in the fall, ideally September or October in most s... Read More »

How much sun do peonies need?

Peonies thrive in full sunlight, which translates into at least six to eight hours of sunlight unfiltered by shade. A peony bush that fails to bloom or that is spindly and yellowing often is growin... Read More »

How do i care for cut peonies?

Clean VaseWash your vase and shears with water and bleach to kill any bacteria that could contaminate the flower stems. Look for buds with outer petals that are just starting to open. Cut flowers i... Read More »

How do I plant peonies?

Peonies are a lovely perennial shrub or small tree. Their large, heavy blooms can range in colors from coral, ivory, red and all shades of pink and fuchsia. Tree peonies thrive in the warmer southe... Read More »