What do Macaroni Penguins Eat?

Answer According to the University of Wisconsin Department of Horticulture, a leek resembles a green onion, and is a popular cooked vegetable in Europe.TypesPopular types of leeks include varna, splendid,... Read More »

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What do erect crested penguins eat?

While an erect-crested penguin's diet has never been closely studied, scientists theorize that the erect-crested penguin feed on fish and krill near the ocean's surface. They have a habit of engagi... Read More »

What is the habitat of macaroni penguins?

Macaroni penguins are located in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions that include South Georgia Island, islands of the Scotia Arc and the Falkland Islands. More than 10 million macaroni penguins ca... Read More »

What Birds Are Penguins Most Related To?

Penguins are flightless sea birds found mostly in the Antarctic, but they are spread across much of the Southern Hemisphere and rarely cross the equator. In fact, only a small group of wild penguin... Read More »

What does the 250 on the Penguins jersey represent?

The number 250 patches on the Pittsburgh Penguins' jerseys represents the 250th anniversary of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The patches were introduced in the anniversary year of 2007 and ... Read More »