What do pediatrics do to the world?

Answer It is certainly not advisable to give benadryl daily to make a child sleep.

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What does a pediatrics RN do?

From what I know they take care of kids and babies. Tools they use are: stethascope thermometer, and heart tracker. Other stuff we use at the doctor. THey get payed good as well.

What are all the fields of pediatrics?

nowadays, pediatrics has most of the specialties you see in adult populations: infectious disease, oncology, cardiology, surgery, neurology, psychiatry, etc.

What year did pediatrics get developed?

Enlarged lymph node due to an infection in the body.

What type of college degree do pediatrics need?

Patience, kindness, understanding, consistency, and having a place to hide out and scream when necessary.Never allow young children into the bathroom with you, this teaches them it is - when you're... Read More »