What do pearls come from?

Answer A parasite works its way into a mollusk's shell and the inner tissue, called the mantle. The mollusk reacts to this disturbance by covering it with a membrane. This pearl sac contains epithelial ce... Read More »

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Are fresh water pearls less money than cultured pearls?

Cultured pearls are generally less expensive than most naturally occurring pearls, even though cultured pearls are often more uniformly shaped and more lustrous. Pearls can be cultured in both fres... Read More »

How to Buy Pearls?

so many different PearlsWhen you want to buy Pearls, you will find many different sizes, quality and colors. There are many things to take into consideration, aside from the price, so do not rush i... Read More »

How much do pearls cost?

The cost of a pearl will depend on its type, color, quality and weight. Cultured pearls are usually less expensive than natural pearls, which are very rare. A pair of top quality cultured pearl 8 m... Read More »

How are pearls harvested?

The harvesting time of the pearls has much to do with their looks and luster. After years of hard work, the harvest is the pay off. Harvesting is usually done in the winter when the mollusk's metab... Read More »