What do pearls come from?

Answer A parasite works its way into a mollusk's shell and the inner tissue, called the mantle. The mollusk reacts to this disturbance by covering it with a membrane. This pearl sac contains epithelial ce... Read More »

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What part of the world do most natural pearls come from?

The majority of natural pearls come from India. Before the 1930s, most natural pearls were from the Persian Gulf. However, when big deposits of oil were found, the pearl industry in the Persian Gul... Read More »

Where do ocean pearls come from?

An ocean pearl is the result of sand or some other sort of irritant becoming lodged into a mollusk, typically an oyster. The oyster defends itself by covering the irritant with a substance called n... Read More »

Do pearls come from oysters or clams?

Pearls come from oysters, not clams. A pearl is formed when a small irritant gets inside the oyster, which then covers it with nacre to reduce irritation. The nacre develops a luster that is unique... Read More »

Do tahitian pearls come from china?

Tahitian black pearls do not come from China, but from French Polynesia, which is the only place where the large black-lip oysters that grow them live. Tahitian pearls are among the rarest pearls i... Read More »