What do pdf files mean?

Answer Though word-processing and page-layout applications produce documents simply and inexpensively, such documents are difficult to access unless you have the programs that created them. PDF files are ... Read More »

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What Do Red Files Mean in UTorrent?

UTorrent is a small, easy-to-use BitTorrent client that allows you to download and upload torrent to your computer. The UTorrent client interface is designed to be easy to read and allows you to ch... Read More »

What does it mean to defragment files?

A hard drive becomes "fragmented" as computer files are created, saved, updated and deleted within the same disk space. Software can "defragment" a heavily fragmented hard disk, which can boost you... Read More »

What does backing up files mean?

Backing up files on your computer means creating a copy of data so that if the original data is lost, another copy exists. Files that are deemed important should be backed up as a precaution, and c... Read More »

What does parsing ifo files mean?

An .ifo file is a type of video DVD file that contains information about the DVD's content, such as chapters, menus, audio tracks and subtitles. Parsing the file is an attempt by the computer to re... Read More »