What do pap smear test abnormalities mean?

Answer A pap test, also known as a pap smear, is done to test the cells in a woman's cervix for the presence of cancer or abnormalities that could lead to cancer. However, not all abnormalities mean they ... Read More »

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What do they test for during a pap smear?

A pap smear is a screening test for cervical cancer. A doctor will take scrapings of the cells of the cervix and send them to a lab for microscopic examination. Doctors generally recommend that wom... Read More »

50 % rise in smear test in ireland this week?

I got mine done ages back and it came back fine thank god.

When they take your blood during your first appointment and after a pap smear to confirm the pregnancy is there a certain point they would test for STI's in your blood?

Answer The blood tests and the smear will both show STIs and if you weren't told this when they were done you should find another health care provider as as far as I am aware doing these tests wit... Read More »

Hip & Joint Abnormalities in Children?

The majority of children are born healthy, however, some children are born with joint or hip abnormalities or disorders. A doctor or orthopedic surgeon should be consulted to make a definitive diag... Read More »