What do orchid flowers mean?

Answer Though often thought of as exotic, orchids are found growing in almost all types of climates. Because of their versatility, there are approximately 25,000 known species of orchids, with more being ... Read More »

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Are all orchid flowers edible?

All orchids are edible. However, it's best to grow your own because many nurseries and garden centers spray their plants with pesticides and herbicides. Orchid growers in Singapore offer orchid coo... Read More »

How do i prune orchid flowers?

Wait for the bloom cycle to end and for the orchid to wilt and die. Pluck diseased and damaged foliage from the orchid. Clip diseased foliage from the plant base. Snip the dead flower stems 1 inch ... Read More »

Orchid Flowers & Their Names?

Well known for its long lifespan, beauty, and rarity, the orchid is one of the most popular flowers in the world, according to reporters at TV New Zealand. Belonging to family Orchidaceae of the pl... Read More »

How to Bloom Orchid Flowers?

Growing an orchid plant can be a rewarding experience. Orchids require special care, but if you provide your orchid with the right conditions it will produce the delicate blooms for which the plant... Read More »