What do ocean mantis shrimp eat?

Answer Stomatopods (mantis shrimp) have specialized appendages to capture and kill their prey by either spearing the prey or smashing the prey with heavily calcified clubs. The smaller mantis shrimp (spea... Read More »

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Do mantis shrimp bite humans?

Mantis shrimp do not really "bite," but rather inflict damage with their fast-moving claws. The shrimp will turn these claws on a human being if given the opportunity. Because of this, divers somet... Read More »

Where do shrimp live in the ocean?

Young shrimp move from the brackish waters of tidal creeks and estuaries out into the ocean as they mature, settling on the ocean floor, where they live and feed as adults.Source:South Carolina Dep... Read More »

What ocean zone do shrimp live in?

Shrimp are a bottom-feeding species that reside in abyssal zone of the ocean. The abyssal zone of the ocean is the area that is roughly 10,000 to 36,000 feet deep in the ocean.Source:Library Think ... Read More »

Where are shrimp located on the ocean floor?

Shrimp begin their lives in the rich sediment on the ocean floor. As they grow, they can be found in tidal creeks, marshes and other shallows. They are bottom feeders, so they remain along the ocea... Read More »