What do nurses wear?

Answer Nursing uniforms have changed over the years. While nurses no longer walk around in skirts and caps, they don't always look like television nurses do, either.ER NursesMany emergency- and operating-... Read More »

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What kind of clothes do nurses wear?

Nurses are often recognized by their unique clothing, although the type of attire that they can wear varies depending on their particular specialties, where they work and who their patients are.Scr... Read More »

What shoes do doctors&nurses wear?

Doctors and nurses usually wear sneakers because they are comfortable and cover the feet for protection against workplace hazards. Dansko is a popular shoe brand for doctors and nurses, and Crocs a... Read More »

What Do Registered Nurses Wear to Work?

Registered nurses face a high-paced job environment that often requires very physical work. Their dress must be appropriate for a medical facility while at the same time allowing comfort and ease o... Read More »

What color scrubs do nurses wear?

The color scrubs nurses are required to wear vary depending on where they work. Some are still required to wear solid white, while others have the option and do wear a variety of colors and pattern... Read More »