What do numbers mean on camera lenses?

Answer Although a photographer learns to trust his eye to get the best picture, the numbers on camera lenses help make the work easier and reduce chances of error. The numbers also create some workarounds... Read More »

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What does the mm on camera lenses mean?

The "mm" on camera lenses represents the number of millimeters of the lens's focal length. The longer the focal length, the smaller the angle of view for the lens, which makes the lens "zoom in" on... Read More »

What does the mm mean on camera lenses?

The number of millimeters (mm) on a camera lens represents the focal length of the lens. Smaller numbers mean the camera has a wider field of view and larger numbers have a smaller field of view.So... Read More »

What does 75 -300 mm mean in relation to camera lenses?

This is a Zoom lens with a focal length of between 75 and 300 mm.

What do millimeters on digital camera lenses mean?

The millimeter measurement noted on a camera lens indicates its focal length. The Free Dictionary defines focal length as the "distance from the surface of a lens or mirror to its focal point."Simp... Read More »