What do nannies get paid in missouri?

Answer Nannies in Missouri, on average, are paid between $250 and $850 per week. Amounts vary depending on the cost of living in different areas of the state, schooling, prior nanny experience, if they're... Read More »

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How much do live-in nannies get paid?

Typically, live-in nannies make between $400 and $600 per week, while some live-in nannies may even make more. The total pay depends on several factors, including location, the cost of living in th... Read More »

What do nannies do?

Nannies are caregivers who work in the family home. Not all nannies live with the family, although many do. Nannies perform a variety of child-related duties, depending on the terms agreed on by th... Read More »

What do live-in nannies make in Florida?

The 2009 International Nanny Association Salary and Benefits Survey reported that on average, live-in nannies in Florida earn approximately $700 per week. This is based on working an average of 58 ... Read More »

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