You See I`m 14 and 2 of my friends have had sex it puts prussure on me what do you think i should do?

Answer I want to congratulate you for NOT doing the sex thing so far. You sound as if you really don't want to but feel you have to just because your friends (are they really friends) do. I think from you... Read More »

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Why does my sister choose to hang out with my old friends that I dislike and she doesnt even care what i think?

be cause your old friends are trying to use her to get to you and your sister probably thinks that your just trying to be mean to her by finding an excuse to stop talking to them

My friends think I’m gay for wearing eyeliner?

Friends...Do you think we sometimes forget?

I'm crying now too! What an amazing story!Thank you so much for posting this-much like you i've been stressing lately. I just answered Carries question and said my mood on a scale on 1-5 was minus ... Read More »

My friends think I eat to much when I don't!?

Start eating more and working out. Do you want to become sick and have your life ruined all because of what's "in" and what's not?? It's not worth that. Your health is important. Add more protein i... Read More »