What do music producers do?

Answer The producer is the cornerstone of any musical recording. Every producer approaches his role differently, although typically serves as a sounding board to the artist or band and a de facto supervis... Read More »

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How much do music producers get paid?

According to College Crunch, "the normal salary of a record producer may range from over $30,000 up to more than $50,000 on a yearly basis." This all depends on the number of projects a music produ... Read More »

How much do music producers earn?

Salaries for music producers in the United States vary widely. Beginning producers made around $15,000 per year in 2009 and average producer salary was close to $67,000. The rare top producers in t... Read More »

How do music producers become inspired?

Like the musicians they create with, music producers are inspired in a variety of ways. These may include other music they have heard, the technology they are using or the artist with whom they are... Read More »

How much do music producers get paid out of college?

Music producers who have just graduated from college or technical school generally get hired on a per-job basis. The average independent producer pay is approximately $200 per job. Beginning produc... Read More »