What do moth cocoons look like?

Answer A moth spins a silk cocoon by using silk glands or modified salivary glands secreting a thick substance that hardens in the air. The Moth usually sets its cocoon near the ground. A variety of shap... Read More »

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Moth Cocoons That Can Be Found in an Oak Tree?

The magnificent foliage of an oak tree serves as an attractive habitat for a number of caterpillars that feed on the leaves of the tree and then build cocoons in which to enter the next stage of th... Read More »

What Qualities Does a Moth Have That Makes it a Moth?

Moths and butterflies both belong to the scientific order Lepidoptera. According to "Butterflies and Moths" by David A. Carter, there are approximately 170,000 species of Lepidoptera. Butterflies a... Read More »

What do cocoons look like?

Cocoons are made by various different insects during the larval stage of life. Because of the massive variation in insects, cocoons all look different. Cocoons are most commonly referred to when sp... Read More »

When do cocoons hatch?

The time spent in the cocoon varies greatly by species and season the pupa stage started. For example, monarch butterflies hatch out of their cocoon within 10 days to nine months depending on the s... Read More »