What do most parents use to quiet their baby?

Answer Pacifier Bottle Music Food Rocking

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How to Quiet a Baby on an Airplane?

Even if it's for an hour or 9 hours, crying babies on planes can be a nightmare and could cause complaints and unrest. This is your step by step guide to ensure the baby and the passengers get plen... Read More »

How to Quiet a Baby in Church?

Fussy, crying babies during church can be a disturbance to you and others, especially during a church service. Do you want to attend your church service with your baby and not create a disturbance?... Read More »

How to Make Doors Quiet in a Baby's Room?

Hanging quilts on walls and backs of doors is effective in preventing drafts, dampening noise and insulating homes. Hanging quilted wall hangings also mimics the use of tapestries on stone walls in... Read More »

If you are 14 and pregnant can your parents or the father's parents make you give the baby up for adoption when it is born?

No, however your parents could place you into state foster care if you don't. Note that accord to the DOJ study, "Murder in Families", children raised by young mother are at the greatest danger of ... Read More »