Teenage Guys : What Do You Find Most Unatractive On A Girl?

Answer when she is stupid and jealous,that makes her ugly.

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What do guys find physically attractive?

I personally judge a girl by her face most of all.. I find myself looking at white and latina girls quite often. I like a pretty faced skinny girl, a nice butt is always a plus :) Breast size is be... Read More »

***GUYS ONLY***What physcial traits are most attractive in a woman?

1. Curvy2. Casual / Preppy3. Medium (Black, Brown) Curly or Straigh4. Brown / Hazel 5. Extroverted6. Light-Skin / White7. NaturalIt starts with the face, then works downward for me. I am attracted ... Read More »

What type clothing do guys find attractive on girls?

What kind of outfit is most attractive on a girl?

Trust me lol if that's you in the picture... YOU have nothing to worry about lol wear a trashbag over your body with fishermen gloves and I assure you no guy will deny you anything lol it's the not... Read More »