Do you think Mormon/LDS temples will begin putting zoos in their creation myth rooms?

Answer Dizneygerl, you may not have noticed this but the lighting changes in the endowment room during the ceremony to symbolize the movement between the various rooms that occurs in older temples like Sa... Read More »

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What do Mormons think about birth control?

Mormonism is a religion that is practiced by individuals who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. People who belong to this religion believe the family unit is central in soci... Read More »

Types of Sumerian Temples?

Sumer was one of the earliest known civilizations of the Ancient Near East, situated in south Mesopotamia. The word "Sumerian" is used to describe people who spoke the Sumerian language. Sumer is r... Read More »

Why are my eye glasses temples not straight?

Oakley Bucket glasses have stems that curve slightly. Since there are no hooks on the ear stems, they have to clamp to your head with some pressure. If you're temples are bowing/ pushing outwards... Read More »

How to Pray in Hindu Temples?

There are Hindu temples all over the world and many of these are worth visiting if only for the architecture. A visit to a Hindu temple can offer an insight into a culture and religion that may be ... Read More »