What do mood necklace colors mean?

Answer Mood necklace color changes are caused by fluctuations in the wearer's body temperature. The idea is that emotions produce specific temperature fluctuations; therefore, the color of the necklace is... Read More »

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What Mood Stone Colors Mean?

Some people believe mood stone rings aren't just a fun psychedelic accessory, but that they can indicate the state of mind of its wearer. Depending on their shade, mood stone colors might indicate ... Read More »

What do colors on a mood ring symbolize?

Mood rings contain liquid temperature-sensitive crystal that changes color in response to changes in your body temperature. Since your body temperature does change according to your emotions, there... Read More »

How to Select Paint Colors for Mood?

Paint colors can determine the overall feel of a room and influence the moods of its occupants -- possibly more than any other factor. Changing the color of a room's walls (or adding the first lay... Read More »

What do the colors of mood rings represent?

For over 30 years, mood rings have been a part of our society. They are found in nearly every small store or jewelry store and are particularly popular because of their supposed ability to read a p... Read More »