How can people love their babbies when they look like bald monkeys and cry all the time?

Answer There are some people who aren't fit to be mothers. Looks like you're one of them.

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What can I do for my lips when they feel like they are on fire and all red?

put vaseline on before bedor there is a chapstick by chapstick brand called overnight.. its in a purple tubeit ACTUALLY works!or if you put a little honey around your lips overnight that helps as w... Read More »

Some audio settings on my Onkyo TX-NR616 sound like it's "underwater" when not in stereo?

If audio is stereo and its played on a 5.1 or 7.1 system, the center channel will be missing. This can cause audio issues.

What does brb mean like when they say lol?

"brb" means "Be Right Back" Meaning they have to go do something for a little bit, but that they'll be back to talk to you later.

Are dogs, cats and monkeys are edible have you tried it what did it taste like?

yes monkey brains..fresh wand warm..they get alive money and put his/her head in under the table and it is held by screws into his head..they saw off the top of his head, they pull the skull off an... Read More »