What do minnows eat?

Answer Minnows are not always small fish. Some species, such as the carp, can grow up to 50 pounds or more. Minnows belong to the cyprinidae family of fish which are defined by the one to three rows of ph... Read More »

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What do mud minnows eat?

Mud minnow is a term used to describe several species of small stream fish, four of which live on the North American continent. A mud minnow's diet consists of snails, insects, crayfish and crustac... Read More »

What do wild minnows eat?

According to the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, there are over 2,100 species of wild minnows. Minnows belong to the family of fish called cyprinidae and vary widely in size. Most minnows eat ... Read More »

What do baby minnows eat?

Baby minnows eat the same diet as adult minnows, although in smaller sizes. These fish are omnivores, eating algae, diatoms, larvae and sometimes other fish and fish eggs, according to BioKids.Refe... Read More »

What do fathead minnows eat?

Fathead minnows feed primarily on algae and other aquatic plant life, but they will also consume insects, larvae and other invertebrates, as well as the eggs of fish. When bred in captivity, fathea... Read More »