What do men wear under board shorts?

Answer Board shorts are commonly worn by surfers. Unlike a men's bathing suit, they do not have a mesh lining. As a result, some men, but not all, will wear briefs, boxers or spandex biker shorts under th... Read More »

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Do you wear underwear under board shorts?

Board shorts are a style of swimwear, typically for men but also for women, and do not require underwear to be worn with them. Most board shorts, which were made popular by surfers, have a mesh lin... Read More »

What do girls wear under board shorts?

Girls wear either nothing or a swimsuit bikini bottom under board shorts. Board shorts were originally made for men, but many women wear them now. They are primarily worn for surfing and other wate... Read More »

Do i wear under armour apparel shorts as under wear?

I have "support shorts" for rugby, and they appear to be the same sort of thing, and yes... i wear them as underwear to avoid uncomfortable "bunching up" of material...Also helps it get "not as swe... Read More »

What do you think of these board shorts?

Yea, I think they look fine. The lining on the shorts match the shirt, so it's all good [: