What do men think about sexy clothes?

Answer Women spend large amounts of time and money learning about and shopping for clothing. In order to wear such revealing outfits, women are driven to diet and hit the gym, often wondering if it's real... Read More »

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What do you guyz think about vin diesel sexy or what?

very the voice the body the face hes a real man not like those girly jude law or david beckham types!

Why do you think men think women who wear bikinis sexy but women don't think so about men who wear speedos?

Because men were made visual and women are not. Women are relational, so nice guys are attractive to us (and their looks, too, but it's not based primarily off of that)

I need any and all sexy party themes that you can think of, even if you think they're rediculous?

16 year olds and 25 year olds together in a sex themed bus?? I'd be more concerned about what you are gonna tell the judge when you get arressted by the Po-Po's!!!!

How to Take off Clothes in a Sexy Way?

Taking your clothes off sexily is one of the easiest things you can do to impress a man or get his attention without a lot of work going in to it on your part. Men simply love to watch a sexy woman... Read More »