What do medical examiners check the eye for?

Answer Eyes betray a wide range of clues about a person, ranging from alcohol intake to cause of death. A medical examiner can gain valuable information by examining the eyes of living or dead subjects.Vi... Read More »

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Protocols for Lie Detector Examiners?

Lie detector examinations are often administered to determine the level of sincerity or truth in a person's responses. Lie detectors have a margin of error that make them inadmissible as evidence i... Read More »

How much do paramedical examiners earn?

As of December 2009, paramedical examiners in the United States earn approximately $31,000 a year. Salaries for paramedical examiners will vary depending on experience, credentials, the size of the... Read More »

Car Insurance company is sending check attorney states Medical lien is larger then payout, what are my options?

Assuming you are in the U.S. Sounds like your wife has a Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury claim (UMBI). Frankly, I'm surprised the company is covering this since there was no contact with the other... Read More »

How to Check Out Medical Doctors?

Good health is a priority for all. We eat nutritional foods, exercise and practice stress reduction techniques. All this helps, but when we get sick we need competent medical care from an empatheti... Read More »