What do male pot plants look like?

Answer They have no bud and produce pollen sacks that look like seeds

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How do I tell apart male& female plants?

FlowersWait for your plant to flower. Examine the structures inside the blossom of the flower. A female plant will have flowers with ovaries, which will present as a large, swollen body at the bott... Read More »

How do i tell the difference between male&female plants?

Identifying Male PlantsSpread open the petals of a flowering plant bud and examine the center. If the plant is male, long and thin stalks will rise up from middle, often high enough so that the ova... Read More »

HIV Positive male, unprotected sex with HIV negative male 10 times. Risk of HIV transmission?

Umm, yes there is always that risk. Use protection and u'll be better off. Also be sure to let ur partner know. And he should prob get tested to be sure. Hope this helps♥

Is it abnormal for a 13-year-old male to be stronger than 20 percent of the world's male adults?

Answer Abnormal is not a word with much value when discussing body types or capabilities. You are what you are, and if it is normal for you, then that's pretty much the end of the discussion.On th... Read More »