What do laser fusers actually do ?

Answer Fuse the toner which means in effect stick the toner which is powder to the paper.

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How to Actually Win at Laser Tag?

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Do you actually ever actually drive at 30mph?

I do morre like 35 now.My wife got a ticket last week, 39 in a 30 mph zone.Police officers should go after tailgaters and drunk drivers ...I live in Utah, drivers are very bad here...

Can anyone show me where the Laser printer Brother MFC-7460DF LASER SENSOR hole is please?

It's not a hole its a slot,Take out the drum cartridge and shine a light inside the printer and look for a slot about half an inch wide and 9 inches long, it may be covered with glass. What you are... Read More »

How much is laser hair removal at American Laser Centers?

The average cost of laser hair removal in American Laser Centers is approximately $350 per treatment for a small area such as the armpits. Larger areas will cost more per treatment, such as $600 fo... Read More »