What do killer bees eat?

Answer Killer bees, or Africanized honey bees, consume flower nectar and pollen. Like other bees, killer bees use a tongue-like proboscis to obtain sweet liquid flower nectar. Bees store nectar with saliv... Read More »

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What color are killer bees?

Africanized honey bees, or "killer bees," resemble other bee species in many ways, including their coloring. Shades of yellow streaked with black stripes cover most of the killer bees' bodies, and ... Read More »

What color are African killer bees?

"Killer bees" are also known as Brazilian bees and, more accurately, Africanized honey bees. They are very similar in appearance to the standard European honey bee; both subspecies are brown with d... Read More »

What Are Killer Bees & Where Do They Live?

The term "killer bees" might create images of swarms of angry bees out of control and stinging people to death, but this is an exaggeration. The "killer bees" are technically called Africanized hon... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Killer Bees?

Scouring the 'net, you'll find many off-the-wall ideas on how to get rid of killer bees. To save you time, here's the best method.